Friday, March 22, 2013

Video Of Filipinos In Sabah Living In Fear Of Abuse?

Manny Pacquiao or PcMan Famous boxer From Philipine.

Sabah always become a victim in the International Affairs, especially when involve Moro (MNLF,MILF,Abu Sayyaf). The Tanduo incident put Malaysia as target for International Affairs including Malaysian Drastic Action using armour to flash out Terrorists from Tanduo incursion. Philipine's media always take advantage to spread the rumours regarding Police and Military Actions during Ops Sulu and Ops Daulat to show that they have interests in Sabah as Sulu Claims. Even though Sandakan far away from Lahad Datu but Philipine's Media report that's Malaysian Authorities using force to flash out Illegal Imigrant with FALSE REPORT. This video reflect that's nothing happen in Sandakan. People with 'Golden Smile' spent their valuable life with freedom and happiness.

Filipinos tourist, filipinos descendants living in Sabah Malaysia, Filipinos traders, Tausugs Sulu Vilage seems to live in fear because of the so called abuse by Malaysia Security Forces claimed by the Philippines media LOL.

Cobbold Commission

On 31 August 1963 North Borneo attained self-government. 1962, the Cobbold Commission was set up to determine whether the people of Sabah and Sarawak favoured the proposed union, and found that the union was generally favoured by the people. Most ethnic community leaders of Sabah, namely, Tun Mustapha representing the Muslims, Tun Fuad Stephens representing the non-Muslim natives, and Khoo Siak Chew representing the Chinese, would eventually support the formation. On 16 September 1963 North Borneo, as Sabah, was united with Malaya, Sarawak and Singapore, to form the independent Federation of Malaysia.

 Brunei Never Gave Sabah To Sulu


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