Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kaka Convert to Islam

A Football star from Real Madrid Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite or Kaka was first reported to have converted in kuwait like 5 years ago, and yet there are still fans who are still wondering up untill todays (2011) if he really did convert to islam or not, even when the saudi arabia newspapers said he already converted 5 years ago, although there were also italian newspapers interview with him said he is still a christian... so that certainly made lots of fans still wondering if he really did convert. so now (2011) another buzz about his conversion to Islam when the latest pictures of of Kaka and his wife attended an Islam introduction speech at a mosque in Arab country was posted in facebooks and forums which was taken on 26 December lately at a mosque in Dubai. what i can say is, kaka converting to islam news is still a blur unless he himself announce in public, change his name to Kaka Abdullah maybe? then we or at least i can sigh a breathe of relieve and i especially will be proud if he is now a Muslim. however if its just rumours one thing for sure he is going to mosque and attending speeches about knowing islam and trying to know more about islam or still looking for guidance i really hope he will be enlightened.



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