Wednesday, February 8, 2012

GambarTengku Ean bertatoo

Tengku Mohd Ean Nasrun (born May 9, 1979), better known as Tengku Ean, or simply Ean, is a Malaysian-based radio announcer and television presenter for and Astro hitz (formerly known as HITZ.TV) music channel.
Ean started his radio career partnered with Adam C (or Adam Carruthers) as one of the "hot chicks" in May of 2006.

Di dada Tengku Ean ada tatoo sederhana kecil

The "hot chicks" disbanded and Ean hosted the top 30 solo until Marion Caunter joined the family in November of 2006. The partnership did not last long as Ean was moved to the newly formed show hitz drive thru in February of 2007.
In February 2007 Ean and Jason Lo partnered up to create the hitz drive thru which ran from 4pm till 8pm weeknights. Three months later Ean was moved to the 8pm-midnight slot, while Lo was joined by Adam Carruthers. In August Lo was moved to the 10am-1pm slot and Ean returned to the drive thru slot. He says "Hi Ean" almost every minute of the day. Ean is currently working on the Breakfast Show with JJ at 6.AM - 10.AM Weekdays, replacing Rudy (which moved to the Top 30 Chart Show).

Besar betul tatoo dekat bahu Tengku Ean ni... (*geleng kepala*)

Nama penuh Tengku Mohd Ean Nasrun...ermm..tapi apsal ada tatoo ekk??? kalau artis pegang anjing masih boleh samak.. tapi kalau dah bertatoo.. (*gelenggelenggeleng*)


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