Wednesday, March 14, 2012

T-ARA's Eun-Jung And Lee Jang-Woo “WGM” Scripted

 Photos indicating MBC “We Got Married” following a script were posted online.

A  "WGM  " Crew Holding A Sign Card “Let’s try the coconuts”

Fans of "We Got Married" were disappointed to discover some of the actions on the show were not natural, but scripted in advance as photos of a crew member for the show was seen holding a sign card “Let’s try the coconuts,” clearly meant as instruction for Eun-jung and Lee Jang Woo.
However, T-ara’s Eun-jung response to the allegations that the show was scripted, using her twitter and said
“Coconut is something that country is famous for. I think the staff member thought it would be good to expose it more on the show.”
She continued,
“They write things up on a cardboard less than three times on a regular show. We’re usually given the basic framework but there’s no script. They just tell us, ‘Today, you’re going to play doing this,’ and nothing else, kekeke.”


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