Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gambar Seni Lukisan 3D part 2

Look like a crack that shows a Lost World below OMG!!

Old People getting married what i like is the headshot of the three characters look like they're really standing!

Alien in in the pool!

Even the dog think its real sitting at the edge of the hole

Archaeological findings! Amazingx1000


the 3d art starts at the staircase (or maybe the staircas is art aswel?)

digging for gold?

the flip flop and i think its part of the art too Amazing

if my grandma walk by in this street and see this two people falling shes probably screaming for help (i would too)

Theres lots of details here amazing

this is another creative art really look like hes sitting at the building window and what cool is Batman and Robin climbing up to rescue him!

This is Part 2 collection of 3D art that i found in the net and i want to share their amazing talents most of it will certainly made you say "How The #$%@ DID THEY DO THAT!?" just like myself when i saw it lol and obviously they're genius!


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