Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jamalul Kiram III Request A CeaseFire Can You Trust Them?

Jamalul Kiram Requesting Cease Fire (Trustworthy Words From Lanun??)

The Sulu Sultanate today called for a ceasefire as more of its soldiers fall from gunfights in Sabah, promising that its army will lay down arms and take on a defensive stance if Malaysia’s security forces agree to do the same.

 According to a series of postings on Philippine news network ABN-CBS’s Twitter page this afternoon, the Sultanate’s spokesman Abraham Idjirani told a press conference in the Philippines that the call for a ceasefire was to avoid more bloodshed.

 Abraham Idjirani

“The call for ceasefire is in view of deaths of followers in Sabah,” Idjirani said, adding that the call was effective as at 12.30pm today (7 March 2013).

“Sulu sultan says followers will not take action but will stay where they are,” he added, referring to the self-proclaimed Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram III.

Idjirani said the Kiram clan, who this morning said they have not heard from their army in Sabah since yesterday morning, hopes Malaysia will heed their call for a ceasefire.

 “Royal army will take a defensive stance,” he added, according to the tweets. “The families will fetch their relatives in Sabah once Malaysia heeds call for ceasefire.”

 The Philippine media have placed the death toll in Sabah at 40, including eight Malaysian policemen, with more reports streaming in that more Filipino militants are falling at the hands of security forces here.

Idjirani has also conceded that at least 10 of the Sultanate’s fighters in Sabah are dead, 10 others captured and a further four are wounded from the fierce gunfights in the coastal Lahad Datu district.


According to the spokesman on a report on ABN-CBS’s news website, Agbimuddin Kiram, the brother of Jamalul, had counted 10 missing from his crew after they regrouped.
 Agbimuddin is leading the group of 235 soldiers from the Sultanate’s “royal security force” in Lahad Datu, where they landed on February 9 to stake their claim over the north Borneo territory.
Information on the number of Filipino militants captured or killed so far has not been verified by Malaysian officials.

 Sabah is Malaysia

So your groups of Heavily armed Lanun made an intrusion to our sovereign country state of Sabah, our government gave you more than AMPLE time (three weeks!) to leave sabah peacefully yet you choose to Murder Our People, Our Security Forces in Cold Blood and when the going gets tough for your lanun invaders, losing your hopeless intrusion dreams you want a ceasefire so you can regroup and come back and murder our people another day??? is your words of ceasefire believable or trustworthy? as we all understood when you murder our Police officers Inspektor Zulkifli Mamat and Sarjan Sabaruddin Daud your lanun intruders use a despicable trap flying a white Flag and then ambush killed our heroes in cold blood with a mortar grenade! but if you are true to your word requesting a ceasefire then just surrender! and face prosecution according to our law.


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