Thursday, March 7, 2013

PM Dato Seri Najib At Lahad Datu: No CeaseFire But Unconditional Surrender

Dato Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak Will Not Accept Kiram Ceasefire, Must Surrender Unconditionally.

Malaysia said clashes between intruding Filipino militants and its security forces had left 60 people dead as of late Thursday, as it rejected a ceasefire offer from the fighters' leader.
Police chief Ismail Omar said 32 followers of a self-proclaimed Philippine sultan had been killed in two confrontations since Wednesday near the scene of a three-week standoff in Sabah state, after a military assault to dislodge them.
That brought the total dead to 60, including 52 militants. Eight Malaysian policemen were killed in skirmishes last weekend.

 Malaysia Prime Minister Dato Sri Mohd Najib at Lahad Datu.

Prime Minister Najib Razak, who flew to the region Thursday to inspect security operations, said he told Philippine leader Benigno Aquino by phone the ceasefire offer was rejected.
"I told President Aquino they must lay down their arms immediately," Najib told reporters in a village near where the army and police were searching for scores of militants. "They have to surrender their arms and they have to do it as soon as possible."

 Self Proclaimed "Sultan" Jamalul Kiram III

The "sultan", Jamalul Kiram III, declared a unilateral ceasefire for 12:30 pm (0430 GMT) and urged Malaysia to reciprocate.

 Malaysia Special Forces

But Najib said Malaysian forces would press on with the offensive, sending more soldiers into the hilly region of vast oil palm estates and pockets of jungle.
Anger has mounted in Malaysia over the incursion, which began February 12 when fighters arrived from the southern Philippines to press Kiram's claim to the area.

Malaysian Police was Mutilated by Sulu Lanun .
Late Wednesday police said the bodies of six police officers killed in a weekend ambush in the coastal town of Semporna were mutilated.
"The bodies of dead police personnel were found to have been brutally mutilated by the armed intruders," a statement said, giving no further details.
Police have said six militants responsible for the ambush were later killed.
Source AFP.

I actually heard about our six police officers who was ambushed being mutilated few days after the barbaric MURDER happened by those Sulu Terrorist from a friend of mine which then they said, when Prime Minister Najib heard about this evil act by those Sulu Terrorist that's when he can no longer tolerate any peaceful solution for those Terrorist! so i would to say Thank You My Beloved Prime Minister for not accepting the Ceasefire by those terrorist, You Terrorist either Surrender UNCONDITIONALLY or be Eliminated. don't think you can come here killing our people and leave, go back home like nothing happened!.


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